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Deposit Bonus!
Published on 22-09-2020

Dear Members,

This is details of Deposit Bonus:

Deposit: $5 - $20 (Free Bonus 10%)

Deposit: $21 - $50 (Free Bonus 15%)

Deposit: $51 - $100 (Free Bonus 20% + Free 1 month 100 Rented Referfals)

Deposit: $101 - $200 (Free Bonus 25% + Free 1 month Silver Membership + Free 1 month 200 Rented Referrals)

Deposit: $201 - $300 (Free Bonus 30% + Free 1 month Gold Membership + Free 1 month 200 Rented Referrals)

The Promo validation until 27 of September, 2020

The Rewards % Bonus we will add to Your Purchase Balance.

Best Regards,

SwingBux admin

Published on 15-09-2020

Dear Members,

We added Bitcoin as payment option, You can use for deposits and withdrawals.

Note: You have deposit manually from Your bitcoin wallet. After deposit please open support ticket and specify transaction details (username, amount,etc)

We will add amount to Your purchase balance.

For withdrawals: You can specify Your bitcoin wallet adress in section "Personal settings".


Best Regards,


New payment options
Published on 06-09-2020

Dear members,

We added new payment options Skrill and Airtm for manual deposits and withdrawals.



Offers4all now available
Published on 10-08-2020

Dear Members,

Now Offers4all work well. (it was a little problem in program settings)

Best Regards,


Published on 26-07-2020

Dear Members,

We are reached 3000 members.

In this case - Promotions!

Swing Membership - only $5 (all time $6.50)

Swing Silver - only $12 (all time $15)

Swing Gold - only $20 (all time $25)

The Promo valid till 9 of August.

Upgrade now - earn more!

Best Regards,