How to post Payment Proof on Forum.

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Here I will guide you How to make a screenshot and how to Post it on Forum. You just need to Follow steps as given below.
1. First of all, you should make a screenshot of your payment. To do this, login to your payment processor account ( Payeer, PerfectMoney, Airtm, Skrill, Blockchain, etc ).
2. Search for the payment made by Swingbux to You, and press PrtScr ( PrntScr, ImprPant ) button on your keyboard to capture the image.
3. Now open Paint from Start menu - Programs - Accessories - Paint. and press CTRL+V to paste the captured image of payment (or right-click - Paste). Now Click on File > Save and then save this payment Screenshot in JPEG format.
4. Don't forget to erase or not show your Reference number, Transaction ID, Email for security purposes.
5. Use external program, such Upload Your image on this site, and copy image‘s direct URL.
6. After that, you can create a new payment proof topic and attach it to your post by clicking UserPostedImage icon and paste
image URL.

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